The Filmmaker

biophoto I’m Mike, or Mikey to my family. I live in a 160 year old house in Michigan with my two dogs. I spend a lot of my free time in my dark, gnarly root cellar turned darkroom. I am a vintage camera nerd and I am officially out of space to store my collection. I would love to be your wedding videographer.

Film was what first made me fall in love with photography and videography. It wasn’t until I decided to see if I could get a roll of film through a thrift store Kodak Dualflex ii that I really started to fall in love with photography and, more specifically, film. I fired off a roll of black and white images of my nephews on a boat ride at my family’s cottage and loved the results. The images had a certain timelessness to them. I have had the bug ever since.

To see more of what I do, click here to view my films. To learn more about how I make them, click here to read about the process.